Buying Christmas Gifts Is Complicated

When I was younger, getting my family something for Christmas was really easy. I would always get my younger brother and sister a random toy from the drug store that had a price tag I could afford. My grandmother and mother both got some random bath set or knickknack for the living room table and my uncle got the cheapest cologne I could find. It took me about 15-20 minutes to run around the store and find something for everyone.

These days, gift giving is so complicated. Since I am short on funds, I know I cannot be all extravagant, but I don’t want to get things that people will hate. This is why I prefer giving gift cards, but people think that these are so impersonal. I decided to get my mother the toaster she has been asking me for since the beginning of time. I tried finding a few nice toys for my nephew who would probably be happy with anything I bought.

The problem is finding something for my sisters. One of them is a self-centered, shallow crazed person who is all about living an expensive lifestyle with a McDonald’s budget. The other is a high school brainiac who is addicted to her iPhone. I am at a loss when it comes to them.

I tried heading to Google to get ideas about what is popular this year and the first article I found was about how gun sales are up in North Dallas for the Christmas season. While I am not sure what I am going to end up getting them, I know that it will not be something like this. I will have to keep searching until I can come up with a few great ideas that will be of use to me.