Decorating Ideas For Small Studios

Studio apartments are often a preferable option for those who are living with tight budget or when the market is flooded people looking for a rental giving an edge to the landlords. Though there can be some unique challenges that you will have to face when you are decorating a living space that is comprised of just one room, there are many inexpensive and easy ways for you to make restful and beautiful space that you can easily call a home. Utilizing some simple strategies for designing the space, you can have enough space for everything that you want to do in your apartment while making sure that it is not full of clutter.

Decorating studio apartments for rent in North Dallas requires you to consider using light, neutral colors which can give an open feel to the space. Choosing lighter colors for big furniture pieces and the walls of your apartment will also bring some sort of structure and unity to your small space. Using accent walls in the room is also a great idea and it doesn’t cost you a fortune either. The accent wall can highlight some unique pattern, oversized poster, or can just use bold colored paint. Bright hues can also be added to the color scheme that is neutral overall by incorporating them through side tables, throws, chairs and pillows.

The furniture and layout of the studio apartments tend to have great impact on the way space is utilized by you. Designated areas should be created for watching TV, sleeping, working and entertaining. Even if the zones overlap, it will bring some flow and structure to the space. Small-sized, inexpensive pieces of furniture tend to be a more practical option for the studio pads. Using full-size beds, for instance, instead of king or queen size beds will let you have more space in the bedroom. Bringing in a loveseat rather than full-length sofa can also be a good choice. Hideaway or dual function furnishings can help you a lot in using the space in a more efficient way.

High ceilings can be utilized in a positive manner in studio apartments in Dallas that usually look cramped. Investing in cheap loft beds can be a great choice. Hanging the pot rack can be a good way of opening up the space in the cabinets while keeping all your pans and pots within easy reach. You should make creative choices when you have to consider anything else that you can hang from ceilings. The walls should never be forgotten at all as this is the space where added space can be created with the help of shelving units.

Clutter tends to be the biggest enemy of small spaces. Anything that you do not use any longer should be donated or thrown out. Any seasonal clothing and decorations should be rotated by placing them in bags or containers which you can vacuum compress and then all of them should be stored in a place where they can’t get to sight.